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What is a Lip Flip?

A Lip Flip is a great treatment if you are wanting to slightly give your upper lip a plumper look and give yourself that beautiful, pageant smile you’ve been dreaming of! A lip flip treatment ultimately ‘freezes’ the muscles above your lip causing your lip to slightly roll upwards to give you a plump look while helping treat a ‘gummy’ smile. A Lip Flip gives a more natural look and feeling and if a fantastic alternative to lip fillers (and a much lower cost)!

How does a Lip Flip work?

Botox or Dysport is strategically injected into the sections of the orbicularis oris, a muscle that surrounds the mouth and controls the movements of the mouth and lips, to target only the superficial layers of the muscle at the side of the lip and lower lip to relax the muscle fibers enough to flip the flip outward without affecting the function of the muscle. Lip Flip’s last around 3-6 months, just like your normal Botox or Dysport treatment would! Most clients see results within a few days to a week. The is considered an “off-label” procedure and results can vary patient to patient.

What is the difference between Lip Flip and lip filler?

A Lip Flip is not the same as lip filler and does not work the same. A Lip Flip is a great option if you are wanting to subtly plump your upper lip and give a gorgeous smile. Lip filler solely adds volume to your lips, upper and/or lower, and does not freeze any muscles above your lip. Speak with our consultants to see what option is best for you!

Lip Flip is great for:

  • Giving the look of more volume in upper lip
  • Fixing a ‘gummy’ smile
  • Want a more natural look
  • A less invasive lip treatment
  • A less expensive treatment
  • No downtime
  • Temporary results (3-6 months)

Lip filler is great for:

  • Adding volume and plumpness to your upper and lower lip
  • Addressing lines around lips
  • Changing shape of lips
  • Longer lasting results (~6 months- 9 months)

What if the Lip Flip doesn’t work?

Our experienced injectors are mindful of how many units are injected above the lip to achieve a Lip Flip. Each patients varies with how many units are needed to achieve great results. Most clients love their results the first time they come in! However, overtreating your lips can cause you to be unable to whistle, drinks from a straw, and perform other daily activities. Don’t be discouraged if 2 weeks after your treatment, you aren’t loving your results as it is an easy fix! We will bring you back in for a quick touch up appointment and you’ll be on your way to a beautiful smile.

What much is a Lip Flip?

Lip Flip single treatment:


Lip Flip added onto your Botox/Dysport appointment:


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