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Looking to plump and lift your butt without surgery or needles? EmSculpt is the latest and most popular non-invasive butt lifting treatment in the industry. With just a few, quick visits, you can achieve that bikini-ready booty that you’ve been wanting!

The Benefits of EmSculpt

EMSCULPT® is the only FDA-Cleared device that reduces body fat by up to 19% while increasing muscle mass up to 16%.  EMSCULPT® is the only body contouring procedure that burns fat cells and builds muscle simultaneously in the abdomen and buttocks.

How Do EmSculpt Butt Treatments Work?

EmSculpt is an FDA approved device that delivers HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic) energy to build muscle and tone. Two paddles are placed on the buttocks where energy is delivered and stimulates the muscle which triggers contractions. The contractions stimulate the supra-maximal muscles, which cannot usually be targeted during physical workouts.

Your body responds to the treatment by straining tissue fibers in order to create new tissue fibers, which creates growth. It also makes your butt and muscles stronger, giving it a lift effect! One session of EmSculpt is only 30 minutes and is equal to doing 20,000 squats. A great treatment for your lunch break!

How many treatments are recommended?

It is recommended to start with 4 treatments on the same area, every 2-3 days apart.

The average work out fires up to about 35% of the targeted muscle group, while EMSCULPT® fires up nearly 95% of the muscles being targeted.

During each 30 minute treatment, EMSCULPT® paddles will be gently applied to the area to be treated, delivering the electromagnetic energy that stimulates the deep tissue muscle contractions.  While each patient is different, the minimum number of treatments to receipt optimal results is 4.


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